2. Fierce Grace Hot Yoga Teacher Training Orientation

So 1.45pm today I was meeting with the rest of the Fierce Grace family and discussing our course, the coming week and getting all necessary paperwork and literature! I was nervous as I pictured a sea of yoga teachers all chewing their toes and breathing like Trojans 🙂 Instead I met love.

The teachers are lovely and excited 🙂 they gave good advice and explained all well. I am very lucky to be taught by Emma Croft, Karen Bellfield and Michele Pernetta – some of the UK’s finest, most knowledgable yoga instructors.

I met a lovely mixture of folk and a lot of real nervous energy was wafting about so yeah #mysteve was right: he called it earlier today when he reassured me that most of the trainees will have a level or degree of anxiety of their own. And as a teacher of dance I know that if you ain’t got questions or you’re too cocky and self-assured then it’s easy to create learning blocks and info won’t go in. So I suppose I’m trying to say, good I’m glad I felt this way, I realise fear taste sweet! I know some of the people on the course and we are hard workers, another bonus!

Tomorrow consists of two posture workshops, two classic classes and a teacher methodology class. 8am – 9pm. I’m looking forward to our healthy lunch prepared by the Fierce Grace West Juice Bar crew! Smoooooothies 💜.

Well I have homework reading the dialogue or text as we prefer to call it.
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